Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Group -“Exploring how Emotions affect Health, Using Science/Technology”

Would you or others be interested in this New Group? -“Exploring how Emotions affect Health, Using Science/Technology”

This new group is for Technical People interested in exploring the Mind/Body Connection, using Science and Technology.  

The group is on both LinkedIn and Facebook, for maximum effect.  Please join, if you think it might be helpful for you.

It is well known that Emotions can affect Health, either positively or negatively. Positive Emotions benefit Health. Negative Emotions (Negative Stress) seem to cause or aggravate Sickness. We now have the Scientific/Technological Tools to explore and quantify Mind/Body Healing/Homeostasis.

This is a group of mainly Healthcare Professionals, Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, Technically-Minded Patients, Inventors, Innovators, Experimenters, Makers, STEM Students/Instructors, etc. - but all are welcome. 

Your participation and sharing in this group is appreciated.  Please let others know of this group, too - and click the "Invite Others" Button.


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