Friday, December 18, 2015

Healing Prayer Focalizer

In a recent study, prayer was found to be the most common Complementary/Alternative medicine (CAM) therapy. - Is Prayer CAM?

That's why I thought it would be good to make a “Healing Prayer Focalizer” (HPF) 

It  is meant to provide comfort, relief, and maybe even, healing.

The HPF was made from common everyday parts and is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.

My working model is not for sale, but within this folder, you will find information on how to make, use, and improve your own “Healing Prayer Focalizer”.  
In addition, you find information on how to better understand how healing in general might work, especially Complementary/Alternative Healing modalities.

  1. Healing Prayer Focalizer HPF Overview (Video) - Shows physical construction and possible typical applications.
  2. Mind, Body, Spirit Healing - How It Works.pptx (Complementary/Alternative Healing)

I hope you find this information helpful for you or for others.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

If you find the HPF helpful, you might also find "The Virtual Healing Machine" of interest too.

Disclaimer - These writings and presentations are for information only and not medical or legal advice.  See professionals as needed or wanted.

How It Works - Complimentary/Alternative Medicine or Treatment - Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

What makes Complementary or Alternative Medicines and Treatments work, for some people?.....

If interested, Here's what I found for a "Mechanism of Action" or "How It Works"....Check it out...

I hope this information is helpful for you or others.


Disclaimer - These writings and presentations are for information only and not medical or legal advice.  See professionals as needed or wanted.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Alternative Medical Device" Designers, Engineers, Inventors - Do you want to network?

Are there any Alternative/Complementary (CAM) device groups, conferences, associations, etc. - networking with each other, sharing best practices, etc.?

I'd like to network and learn specifically from the technical people involved in making CAM devices.  They might be engineers, researchers, scientists, doctors who make devices, inventors, anyone who uses the Placebo Effect in their devices.

I see great untapped potential in "enhancing the Placebo Effect", particularly with the use of devices, e.g. pain relief, anxiety reducers, depression boosters, healing machines, psychoneuroimmunology, etc.

Alternative Medicine (CAM) is big now and is growing, both in the U.S. and worldwide.  There must be technical people designing CAM devices out there (engineers, designers, technicians, etc.)  These technical people must have a good understanding of the Placebo Effect to make devices that "look and sound like they heal or comfort".

These devices might be viewed by some as Quack Medical Devices and, yet, by others as a "miracle cure" or as a "comfort measure", especially for chronic health conditions.

Inasmuch as Pharmaceutical Companies make use the Placebo Effect, methinks the conventional Medical Device Industry also makes use of the Placebo, too, though I can't find many references.

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about - CAM Medical Devices -


Do medical devices have enhanced placebo effects?


Placebo responses to medical device therapy for pain.



I didn't find much in the way of (CAM) device groups, conferences, associations, etc. - but maybe someday.


Homeopathy - National Center for Complementary an

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Me

Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter (


Energy Medicine | Foundation for Alternative and Integr


What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine ...


ICMBPS 2015 - TheIIER Home


National Society of Medical Scientists (NSMS)


Medical Devices Meetup Groups - Meetup


The Placebo Effect Team |


This app lets you create personalized placebo effects t


The rebranding of CAM as “harnessing the power of pl


NYU Alumni Magazine: Patient, Heal Thyself


I'm an Engineer, get me out of here - St Benedicts Sc


Search for Placebo Effect | Stanford Profiles


Placebo Effect - The Power of Belief | Keith R. Holden, 


Biology for Engineers - Page 468 - Google Books Result


Math revealed Placebo Effect | Engineering Expert


Designing the ultimate healing technique (Part 1: Occa


Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medici

Here's my search strings -

(alliance OR consortium OR coalition OR union OR league OR guild OR syndicate OR federation OR confederation OR confederacy OR conglomerate OR cooperative OR partnership OR affiliation OR organization OR club OR society OR congress OR meetup)

(alternative OR complementary) (therapy OR medicine OR health) (devices OR machines OR apparatus) (alternative OR complementary) (therapy OR medicine OR health) (devices OR machines OR apparatus) (alliance OR consortium OR coalition OR union OR league OR guild OR syndicate OR federation OR confederation OR confederacy OR conglomerate OR cooperative OR partnership OR affiliation OR organization OR club OR society OR congress OR meetup)

(((alternative OR complementary) AROUND(2) (therapy OR medicine OR health)) AROUND(5) (devices OR machines OR apparatus))) (engineers OR scientists OR researchers)

((alternative OR complementary) AROUND(2) (therapy OR medicine OR health) AROUND(5) (devices OR machines OR apparatus)) (engineers OR designers)

(designer OR engineer) AROUND(5) placebo effect

engineer AROUND(5) "alternative medical devices"

engineer AROUND(5) "complementary medical devices"

"reverse engineer" AROUND(50) "placebo effect"

 (designer OR engineer) "placebo effect"

Comments?  Got any suggestions?  

Disclaimer - Article is for information only and is not medical advice.

Friday, January 16, 2015

What is the Placebo Effect? - Study Resources - Part 4


Here are the search strings I used, so far:

(harness OR elucidate OR enhance OR increase OR intensify OR heighten OR magnify OR amplify OR strengthen OR build-up OR supplement OR augment OR boost OR improve OR enrich) placebo

(decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate) (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital) nocebo

((harness OR elucidate OR enhance OR increase OR intensify OR heighten OR magnify OR amplify OR strengthen OR build-up OR supplement OR augment OR boost OR improve OR enrich)-placebo)  ((decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate)-nocebo (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital))

placebo nocebo

((decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate) (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital)-placebo) OR (placebo-(run-in OR lead-in)) OR (placebo-responder))

("placebo effect" OR "placebo response" OR nocebo) (patents OR patentable OR patent)

The Potential of a Placebo/Nocebo Effect in Pharmacogenetics

Panacea or placebo? : linked electronic health records and improvements in health outcome
by New South Wales. Ministerial Advisory Committee on Privacy and Health Information.;
Research design issues in pain clinical trials

An annotated bibliography of placebo research
by Jim L Turner; Candace Fox-Henning; Ronald Gallimore
Research design issues in pain clinical trials
by Robert H Dworkin; John T Farrar;
Change mechanisms in placebo procedures : effects of suggestion, social demand, and contingent success on improvement in treatment

The placebo effect in nutritional supplementation and improvement in performance outcomes : a meta-analysis
by Tarra Linn Rawdon

Clinical research for complementary therapy : principles, problems and solutions
by G T Lewith; Wayne B Jonas; Harald Walach;
The Placebo Responder : an Examination of Some Non-Specific Influences on Response to Treatment.
by Alan Arnold Black

Placebo -
Fabrizio Benedetti, ‎Paul Enck, ‎Elisa Frisaldi

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Placebo Is for Real: How to apply the placebo effect to ...
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The Role of Motivation and Expectancy in the Placebo Effect
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The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the ...
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Aspirin and Placebo in Oral Surgery
Lucian Szmyd, ‎Clarence M. McCall, ‎Albert L. Porreca - 1958
  1. Understanding the Placebo Effect in Complementary Medicine: Theory, Practice, and Research Contributors: David Peters
The placebo effect and health : combining science and compassionate care / W. Grant Thompson.

Placebo in history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The nocebo effect: history and physiology. - Research


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Joubert v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.

Dist. Court, WD Washington, 2010 - Google Scholar

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483 F. Supp. 1311 - Dist. Court, ND Ohio, 1980 - Google Scholar
"People who are given medication for an ailment frequently feel better because they think they should, even though the product has no therapeutic value. This is known as the placebo effect. In order to eliminate the bias of the placebo effect in a clinical study, it is common practice to "blind" the participants, i. e., dispense to the control group a placebo which simulates in taste, smell, and appearance the product being tested. Similarly, to neutralize any subconscious bias of the examiner, it is important to blind him, i. e., prevent him from knowing which subjects received the medication and which did not. A study in which both the subjects and the examiner are blinded is referred to as "double-blind." See JA 914-916." - Lecture 3

The Active Placebo Effect: Patent Eligible Subject Matte

assertTrue( ): New Patents Aim to Reduce Placebo Effect

Patent US7983936 - System and method for reducing th

The placebo effect: international patent law and the ...

Comparing Strategies for Trials with High Placebo Re

The Placebo Effect in Intellectual Property - Berkele

The placebo effect: international patent law and ... - Pa

List of new Placebo Effect patents & technologies

RCT Logic helps decrease time to market & costs to 

Emotions and Disease: Self-Healing, Patents, and Place

Trial designs advance to overcome bitter pill of plac

It’s Great! Oops, No It Isn’t: Why Clinical Research Can

High placebo response. Crossover, placebo lead-in

placebo effect legal definition of placebo effect

Placebo effect - Science Museum

U.S. Patent Office Revises Guidelines After Drugmaker

With acquisition, PPD improves process to test depres

Overstating the Placebo Effect | Dr. Harold Koplewicz

Placebo effect in drug trials - Ariana Anderson, PhD 

Understanding the placebo effect | The Economist

It's All in Your Head: Reinforcing the Placebo Response

Pat'sBlog: A Brief History of the Placebo Effect

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shifting between our two self-identities can cause t

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Multiple Sclerosis Research: The placebo effect

Ignoring Non-Patentable Elements While Judging Novelty

This app lets you create personalized placebo effects

Cerecor Granted U.S. Patent for Antitussive FP01

The “Placebo” and “Nocebo” effects — How does what y

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Bodily self-image and methods for predicting placeb

Valkee ear light gadget called "scam against sick peopl

Background - Cerium Optical Products

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Placebo effect | Better Always

The father of nutraceuticals: “The placebo effect is rea

Rigorous studies show that the placebo effect accounts

Pick Your Poison: Patent-Ineligibility or Inherency ...

MS patients who claim to have benefited from treatm

The Myths of Herbal Medicine | Science-Based Life

Citing Your Sources--APA Citation Style

View Diseases as listed in Patent 4816563 - Antibiotic 

The Placebo Response in Studies of Acute Migraine

The Nocebo Effect Can Kill You If You Don't Watch Out ...

The Placebo Effect | Token Skeptic

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Opko Health: The Placebo Effect - Lakewood Capital 

The Doctor-Patient Relationship Revisited: An Analysis o

Do we Need a New Procedure for the Assessment of ...

PPD acquires RCT Logic's license to clinical trial design t

The Tragedy of Lou Lasagna - Dr. David Healy

Project MUSE - The Powerful Placebo

The Patent Medicine Paradigm | PopMatters

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Stranger than you can imagine: Placebo and nocebo eff

The Placebo Effect: Happiness Pills - Happiness India Pr

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Power Balance Roots Hark Back to Patent Medicines ...

Mark McKenna // Notre Dame News // University of Notr

Snake Oil Almanacs: Patent Medicine Advertising in the 

Your Brain Can Hurt You - Utne Reader

Pain relief from acupuncture is real, Penn study find

Placebo effect demonstrates healing power of the mind 

Intend Balance | Josephs Story

Topical Cannabis Preparations: Snake Oil or Healing ...

Begley: Placebo Nation--Just Believe - Newsweek

Ajit Vadakayil: THE PLACEBO EFFECT AND ...

Judging a Pill by its Cover | Articles | Finnegan

Placebo, a historical perspective -

Medical quackery revisited | The Ethical Nag

Nocebo Effect Shows We're All A Bunch Of Worriers | Bl

U.K. doctors admit doling out 'useless drugs' for placeb

Anti-Depession Drugs-is it just a Placebo Effect | Politi

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The Color of That Little Pill Does Make a Difference

The PLACEBO EFFECT is wonderful, isn't it? (Drugs & M

1 Identifying Placebo Effects with Data from Clinical

This Cure Is Good For Funny Bone - Orlando Sentinel

The Science - The Connection: Mind Your Body

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Enlightened Catholicism: About That Miracle VS Placeb

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Evolution of a New Medication -

The Placebo Effect, Mind Over Matter and Using the F

PILT Symposium to Examine Functionality Doctrine

Midterm Topics

Promising headway into more effective treatment ... - O

Medication Compliance and ePRO Solution for clinical 

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Reckitt Benckiser Not Launching Its Own Generic Subox

How Pharmaceutical Products Differ From Tennis Balls

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Patent US7335474 - Methods and systems for identifyi

System And Method For Reducing The Placebo Effect I

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System And Method For Reducing The Placebo Effect I

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Weird science benefits from the placebo effect | Ars Tec

New Drug Development/Placebo Effect & Dietary ... - Qu

How the Placebo Effect Works » Stuff You Should Know .

Help Reduce the Placebo Effect in Clinical Drug Trials .

Placebo effect

Consciousness and the Placebo Effect - Free Essays

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A study finds that the placebo effect works on more th

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Real. Fake. Both Can Cure Depression.(placebo effect an

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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Principles, Environment, and

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Unlocking the Healing Code: Discover the 7 Keys to ...

Getting Health Reform Right: A Guide to Improving ...


More placebo writings/inventions to come, 

but this is all for now.  

Stay tuned, if interested.

Article is for information only and is not advice of any kind, 

including not medical or legal advice. Seek professionals, as needed or wanted.