Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Does Hypnosis Work? What is Hypnotherapy? What about Self-Hypnosis?

If you're a doctor, researcher, or technical person - here is a site that shows how hypnosis works in clinical situations...e.g. depression, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. 

If you're a patient and find an article you like, take it to your doctor.  See what they think.  If you don't like the answer you get, explore the topic on your own, and find another doctor or professional hypnotherapist.  You are in charge of your own health and happiness.  Find a way that works for you.  

Your local library can also help you get free copies.  Lots of these are also probably on the Internet.

You might find this an excellent networking tool, also.  Find the articles you like and contact the authors.  Find places that do your kind of research.

Please see link below...

Hypnosis research papers -

Contact with the organization associated with the link below might help you also.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Placebo Effect: How the Subconscious Fits in

"The Placebo Effect: How the Subconscious Fits in
The placebo effect is very well known, being replicated in many scientific studies. At the same time, its exact mechanisms still remain unknown. Quite a few hypothetical explanations for the placebo effect have been suggested, including faith, belief, hope, classical conditioning, conscious/subconscious expectation, endorphins, and the meaning response. This article argues that all these explanations may boil down to autosuggestion, in the sense of "communication with the subconscious." An important implication of this is that the placebo effect can in principle be used effectively without the placebo itself, through a direct use of autosuggestion. The benefits of such a strategy are clear: fewer side effects from medications, huge cost savings, no deception of patients, relief of burden on the physician's time, and healing in domains where medication or other therapies are problematic." -

(I bolded/underlined the words that caught my eye above...)

Tom sez....Why aren't there many articles on combining Hypnosis and The Placebo Effect....and make an easy to use self help tool for the world?  Am I the only one working on such a thing with The Virtual Healing Machine?  Please build on my work and make something better.

Happy Day!

Glove Anesthesia in Hypnosis - Medical Hypnotherapy Pain management

Glove Anesthesia is one of the little used tools for pain management.  Hypnosis is low-cost or free and can be effective in many situations.  This is a good video -

For more information, please see below and/or a professional hypnotherapist in your locality....

I hope you find pain relief in something, whatever works for you.  Best Wishes.

Disclaimer - This article is for informational use only and is not medical advice.

Dr. Oz Introduces the World to Hypnosis

"Recently on the Dr. Oz show, hypnosis was brought to the public as the easiest, fastest, most effective way to lose weight and change your bad habits. Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, but Dr. Oz has made it mainstream." -

The "Ugly Step Sister of Medicine" is back!!!  Stay tuned on this blog as I and others coax this little used medical tool out of hiding.

Yes, it is unpopular, yet still effective.  See what the  American Medical Association (AMA)   and other professionals say about hypnosis at  Sherman, start up the Way Back Machine to see back to 1958.

Stay tuned for how others combine Hypnosis with the Placebo Effect to make a superb healing tool.  If you want a start, please see The Virtual Healing Machine associated with this blog.

Best Wishes to you all and a very good night.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can Hypnosis and The Placebo Effect be Combined?

Have you ever felt better after watching a movie?

Maybe the movie put you in a dream-like state.  Maybe the movie touched you on a healing level.

Maybe Hypnosis can be combined with The Placebo Effect to achieve low-cost health care for many common maladies.  

Is this an opportunity waiting to happen?  Topic for Open Innovation?  

Start Materials....

Hypnobo: Perspectives on Hypnosis and Placebo -

Neuropsychoanalysis Vol.12 No.1 by Oliver Turnbull

The Virtual Healing Machine -

How to Make Your Own Healing Machine -