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Harness the Placebo Effect and Squash the Nocebo Effect! - For your own health, and that of others.

Recently, I posted the first part of How to Enhance the Placebo Effect and Decrease the Nocebo Effect.  

This post is a continuation - Part 2.  Part 3 coming soon!

This is a "work-in-progress" Study Guide for myself - and maybe for you, if interested.  Comment if you want.  I'm gathering information, opinions for now.  More writings/inventions on this to come!  Stay tuned, if interested.


Here are the search strings I used, so far:

(harness OR elucidate OR enhance OR increase OR intensify OR heighten OR magnify OR amplify OR strengthen OR build-up OR supplement OR augment OR boost OR improve OR enrich) placebo

(decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate) (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital) nocebo

((harness OR elucidate OR enhance OR increase OR intensify OR heighten OR magnify OR amplify OR strengthen OR build-up OR supplement OR augment OR boost OR improve OR enrich)-placebo)  ((decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate)-nocebo (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital))

placebo nocebo

((decrease OR lessen OR reduce OR minimize OR moderate) (doctor OR nurse OR physician OR practitioner OR clinic OR hospital)-placebo) OR (placebo-(run-in OR lead-in)) OR (placebo-responder))


Understanding the placebo effect | Minnesota Public Rad

The Placebo Effect: The Surprising Discovery of a Stran

Pinpointing the Placebo Effect - Radiolab

One Scholar's Take On The Power of The Placebo : NPR

Understanding The Placebo Effect | New Hampshire Pub

The Placebo Effect's Evil Twin: The Nocebo Effect | New

The Placebo Effect - Science NetLinks

Media | Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic ...

CapRadio | Mobile | Capital Public Radio

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Still more oversold placebo research from our old frie

Drug's power comes from thinking it will work | Minneso

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Metformin and placebo therapy both improve weight 

Can skipping placebo pills increase chance of pregnanc

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The placebo effect on psychomotor performance and ..

The Placebo Effect Is Real. Now Doctors Just Have To W

Placebo Science & Marketing: What's Happening Behind

'Placebo therapy' ineffective for long-term chronic pain

Full Text PDF - Abstract - American Psychological Assoc

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Should Health Care Providers Be Afraid of the 'Nocebo'

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All bow before the mighty power of the nocebo effect –

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The Potent Effect Your Doctor's Words Can Have on You

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Psychobiological mechanisms of placebo and nocebo

Getting the pain you expect: mechanisms of placebo

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Tally Another Win for the Placebo Effect - The Powersta

Age Med |

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Subconscious cues might help you heal faster - New Sc

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Is the placebo effect (or the nocebo effect) also observ

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"Placebo: Cracking the Code" - YouTube

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Nocebo Effect: Negative Beliefs Can Alter Drug Efficacy 

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The nocebo effect: A clinicians guide

Death by 1000 Needlesticks: The Nocebo effects of ...

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The placebo response in medicine: minimize, maximi

You Don't Have To Die When Your Doctor says - Smash

The Nocebo Effect - Cure Zone

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Emperor's New Drugs - SuperLiving

Understanding Placebo and Nocebo Responses for Pain

Nocebo | Healther People

Bad Doctors Who Kill on Legal Advice | Nocebo Effect Pa

Induction of nocebo and placebo effects on itch and pain

The Nocebo Effect: Reading Drug Labels Can Make You 

Nocebo Effect - Course Hero

Unconscious processes have been discovered within 

Nocebo Effect - Professional Medical Resources

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Preventive health care using negative expectations

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Managing Placebo and Nocebo Effects

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A self report questionnaire.

Mind Over Matter? Placebos, Nocebos and Implications 

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A novel treatment resource for co-occurring symptom

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An Alternative to Medicine: Homeopathic Cures and the

Worried Sick | The Scientist Magazine®

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Placebo Responses Trigger the Same Biologic Mechani

Clinical relevance of the placebo and nocebo phenomen

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Placebo Speculations « Science-Based Medicine

Inside the placebo effect are real cures - SmartPlanet

The Effect Your Doctor's Words Can Have on Your We

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Unconscious Mind Guides Placebo Response to Pain

Placebo improves pleasure and pain through oppo

How to use the placebo effect to your benefit

Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect - Quack

]The placebo response: How words and rituals chang

PLOS Medicine: Deception in Research on the Placebo E

Individual differences in pain and placebo ... - Muni

The Effect of an Apparent Change to a Branded or G

Pearls in Clinical Neuroscience Placebo: The Best Pill o

Dissolving the Placebo | philosophy and other thought

Placebo, the power of suggestion and birth - Mindful Ma

Is the placebo effect (or the nocebo effect) also observe

The placebo response: How can it be used to enhance

Research on placebo analgesia is relevant to clinical

Antidepressants May Be No Better Than a Placebo, so 

Placebo Effects: The Contribution of Psychology ... -

Cognitive and emotional factors in placebo analgesia

Regulation with Placebo Effects - Duke Law Scholars

NeuroLogica Blog » Placebo Myths Exposed

Exercise and the Placebo Effect - Dash - Harvard Un

Just the placebo effect? - Science in School

Empathy and placebo for autonomous agents - Lam

Unhelpful information about adverse drug reactions | T

Placebogenic potential is no reason to favour ...

Placebo effects in surgery – Respectful Insolence

Emotions & Cancer Healing - Healing Cancer Naturally

Beyond the sugar pill: Are doctors misusing the place

The promise of placebo power: healing secrets | The ...

The Brain and Mental illness: The Mind/spirit can trigge

Placebos and the Placebo Effects - Mind Body Scien

How the Placebo Effect Can Tank or Torpedo Your Care

Is placebo useful in the treatment of major depress

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Placebo-Suggestion Modulates Conflict Resolution in t

Placebo interventions in practice: a questionnaire surve

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Multiple Sclerosis Research: The Nocebo Effect ... - Sco

Placebo in the Treatment of Pain - MyScienceWork

Expectancy-induced Placebo Analgesia in Children a

Internal Medicine News Article | Placebo and nocebo ...

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Unconscious processes have been discovered within the

Science States Placebo Effect Is Real Prevention, Cure ..

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ELI5: What happens if you give someone real medicine,

placebo effect, nocebo adverse side effects created by

Placebo effects are not the - HEALTH [Research - links e

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The Placebo Effect

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Why would a nurse expect a placebo to be effective

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The placebo effect / nocebo effect is psychosocial, not 

Inside the Placebo Effect by Ted J. Kaptchuk - Proj

60 Minutes, Placebos, and an Impossible Study | A Look

Patient and physician preferences: impact on treatme

Placebo-Induced Changes in fMRI in the Anticipation and

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The Placebo Effect Quantified - dmark consulting LLC

The Placebo Effect is Real, Man! - YouTube

People Are More Swayed by Things That Look Science

Laughter Is OK Medicine, Unless It Kills You

Is Ignorance Really Bliss? What Is the 'Nocebo' Effec

Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology - Volume 2 - Page 

Cousins and Bridenbaugh's Neural Blockade in Clinical ..

Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and 

Placebo-induced decrease in fatigue: evidence for a c

Placebo, nectar reduce nighttime cough in kids - The ...

Help Reduce the Placebo Effect in Clinical Drug Trials ...

assertTrue( ): New Patents Aim to Reduce Placebo Effec

ADHD: Adding a Placebo to Reduce Stimulant Dose

Topical Anesthesia Versus Placebo to Decrease Pain in .

Placebo manipulations reduce hyperalgesia in neuropa

Help Reduce the Placebo Effect in Clinical Drug Trials .

Reduce Placebo Effect in Clinical Drug Trials $25,000 r

Can a placebo reduce the urge to cough? | Reuters

Can I safely reduce placebo pills from 7 days to 4? - A

AHJ: Placebo effect may decrease chest pain in cardiolo

Drug Companies' Own Internal Studies Show ...

Placebos could reduce the side effects of drug treatmen

Efficient trial designs to reduce placebo requirements ..

Box 2 : The placebo response in medicine: minimize ...

Reducing Placebo Response - Applied Clinical Trials

Patient Education - Reducing Variability

The Evolving Impact of a Placebo in a CNS Clinical Trial .


Placebo Effect & Migraine: What Does the Research Me

Clinical Trials - Special Interest Groups - IASP

Case Studies in Applied Psychophysiology: Neurofeedbac

Are Different Methods to Reduce Placebo Response i

European Commission : CORDIS : Projects and Results ...

Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics - Page 429 - Google Bo

The Right Patients for the Drug: Managing the Placebo .

The Biological Basis of the Placebo Effect | The Scientist 

Placebo Response In Clinical Trials With Schizophrenia 

Placebo Effect in Clinical Trial Design for Irritable Bow

Half Of A Drug's Power Comes From Thinking It Will W

Statistical analyses of early escape clinical trial design 

Neurobiological Mechanisms of the Placebo Effect

Addressing Placebo Response | ProPhase

The relation of emotions to placebo responses

The Placebo Effect - What's your theory - Physics For

The Neural Bases of Placebo Effects in Anticipation

More Expensive Placebos Bring More Relief - New York Ti

The Placebo Effect, How it Complicates Parkinson's Di

Not Your Mother's Birth Control Pill Placebo Interval - T

Researchers Struggle as Placebos Becoming More Effec

Placebos for Depression - brain-related questions tha

The Science of Placebo | Better Movement

Blinding - EMGO

Distracted by Placebo - British Science Association ...

Placebo Effect in Clinical Trial Design for Irritable Bow

Placebo vs drug – The power of positive and negative ..

Pairing Placebo with Stimulant Medication to Reduce ...

Active and Placebo Effects in the Treatment of Moderat

The double-blind variable placebo lead-in period: result

An empirical evaluation of the placebo run-in.

Does elimination of placebo responders in a placebo ru

Comparing Strategies for Trials with High Placebo R

Placebo Lead-In

Impact of placebo run-in period on relative treatme

High placebo response. Crossover, placebo lead-in 

Neuropsychopharmacology - Does a Placebo Run-In or 

Placebo run in periods | The BMJ

Does elimination of placebo responders in a placebo ru

Placebo run in periods | The BMJ

The double-blind variable placebo lead-in period: resul

Article: Changes in Brain Function (Quantitative EEG ...

The Placebo Responder Rate in Children and Adolescent

Should the single-blind placebo responder exclusion pha

Placebo run-in period in studies of depressive disorders

Placebo Lead-In's Profile - Research Blogging

A New Enriched Clinical Trial Design Merging Placebo ...

Placebo study frames depression treatment puzzle - 

Materia Medica of New and Old Homeopathic Medicines

Outcomes of a placebo run-in period in a head and ne

Differences of Influencing Factors of PPI and Placebo ...

Changes in Brain Function (Quantitative EEG Cordance

Quote by Ben Goldacre: “You are a placebo responder

Innovative Designs for Chronic Pain Trials - Worldwi

Novel study designs to investigate the placebo respons

Emperor's New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant 


My wife is a Placebo Responder | Comment | Pulse Today

Placebo Run In and Deception - FCR - FDA Good Clinical .

Placebo Study Finds Brain Activity Predicts Antidepres

Run in Periods in Randomized Trials: Implications fo

Placebo Research Publications from UCLA NPI

Placebo Washout in Trials of Antipsychotic Drugs

Stephen Senn: Fooling the Patient: an Unethical Use of

Simple Options for Improving Signal Detection in ...

Does a placebo run-in or a placebo treatment cell affe

Enrichment Strategies in Clinical Trials: Theory and .

The Placebo Effect in Epilepsy Trials: Where Does i

Minimizing Placebo Response in Clinical Trials - IIR

Take Two Sugar Pills and Call Me in the Morning - Issue 1


medical science - Do 'washout periods' in drug studies

The placebo response in clinical trials: more questions 

The Misunderstood Placebo.pdf - Name

Guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal produ

Researchers Struggle as Placebos Becoming More Effective ...

Changing placebo response dilutes antipsychotic trial power


More placebo writings/inventions to come, 

but this is all for now.  

Stay tuned, if interested.

Article is for information only and is not advice of any kind, 

including not medical or legal advice. Seek professionals, as needed or wanted.

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