Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Need Some Money for Placebo Effect Research?

Well, I don't have any extra money.  I work on a shoestring - a magical shoestring that keeps me healthy - it has healing powers of it's own.  No, just kidding folks!  It's really my tin-foil hat that has medicinal powers. :-)

Seriously - people, companies, and governments will give you money to study the Placebo Effect.  Some are listed below.  

Please beware though, that some medical industries don't want the placebo effect to work and want to find out ways to diminish it.  Follow your heart in your work - and "do no harm".  The links below look pretty innocuous to me and seem to really want to help patients, even if it might affect their someone's margins.

If interested in finding more, you can Google these search strings - 

(placebo OR nocebo)-(effect OR response) "research grant"

(placebo OR nocebo)-(effect OR response) "research grant"

Best wishes in finding your pot o' gold, if you need it.

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